Vehicle Stickers

New stickers are available as of the first of the year. All vehicles housed in the Village must display a current sticker within 30 days of moving into this Village. There are no exceptions to this law. Current year vehicle stickers must be displayed by March 31st.
Sticker Fees Cars: $20.00; Trucks with B $25.00; "C" & "D" plates: $50.00; Over "D" $100.00 and with board approval only; Motorcycles: $8.00;  Handicap and Senior owned vehicles are $15.00

A late charge of $10.00 begins April 1st and increases $5.00 monthly thereafter.
NOTE: A vehicle requires a village sticker if it is in the village any 14 out of 20 days.  These days need not be consecutive days.  Regardless of where the vehicle is registered, a village sticker is required.