Building Permits

Our Village ordinance requires that a building permit be obtained for all changes or alteration made to a structure or property, new or existing, in the Village. For details on Village building requirements, see the the "Code of Ordinances" section. Please follow these procedures to obtain a building permit:

1. Obtain a Permit Application - these are available at the Village Office or you can request that one be mailed to you. (This is a tri-copy form, so it can not be downloaded).

2. Complete the Permit Application

3. Call the Village Building Inspector to set up an appointment - Trent Turner can be reached on his cell phone at: 815-388-2780. (Please note that he cannot always be reached immediately). Leave a message with your name, address, phone number and the type of improvement you are interested in. He will call you back with his availability to assess the work to be done. Please have the form filled out BEFORE the building inspector arrives. The building inspector will complete the form and leave you with the pink completed copy. The building inspector will give you an approximate day that the permit will be ready for payment and pick-up at the Village office.

4. Pay for and pick up the official permit at the Village office - the amount of the permit will depend on the work being done. We accept cash, checks or credit cards at time of permit pick up.

5. Display official permit in a window or door visible to the street for the duration of the project applied for.